Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ideas on how to plan a fun night in!

For some reason lately I've found myself wanting to spend more evenings inside than going out, (maybe the grey summer weather hasn't helped much!) so I thought it'd be good to share some recent ideas on cheap nights in that we've enjoyed doing recently.


1 Hold a board games night
Board games don't have to be boring! Last week we invited some friends over for a game of Win Lose or Draw (in case you don't remember, it was an oh-so 90s gameshow with Danny Baker as host!) which was a really fun evening, improved further by everyone bringing along wine and cheese!


If you want to try playing Win Lose or Draw too here are the rules..

What You'll Need:

A whiteboard & marker (more eco than using paper)
Some pictionary cards (Or if you don't have this get your friends to each write down a film/person on paper and put them all into a bowl to pick at random!)
Snacks & drinks!

Divide your group into two teams (girls v boys?). Each person then takes turns to pick cards and try and draw as many of the items for their team mates to guess as possible in under a minute. Some of the drawings inevitably go a bit squiffy but that's all the funnier!


No Electricity Nights
I have to admit that me and tom haven't had one for a few weeks now, but we really need another this week!

What You'll Need:

Crafty items/ projects to work on
Whatever your heart desires

It's really nice to turn off the laptop/phones for an evening, as i wrote about in this earlier post.

Film Evenings
Another fun night to plan with friends is a simple regular film night. Just pick an actor you love and put their films on high priority on your Lovefilm and you're good to go! Good actors we've chosen in the past include John Cusack, Johnny Depp and Paul Rudd. Any other suggestions welcome! It's also nice taking it in turns to cook for friends as you get lots of ideas on new recipes to try along the way.

Dressing Up Nights
The other week we had loads of fun when our friends popped round with their fancy dress box! Who says dressing up in silly outfits is just for children?!

Do you have any other suggestions on cheap but fun nights in?



  1. I love these...I suggested to Gav that we have a no electricity night soon, inspired by yours and Tom's. Pizza night is always a good one, where everyone gets to make their own homemade pizzas. Yum! x

  2. Some friends and I used to do Shit Movie Sundays. It was our version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 - we'd watch rubbish films and make bad jokes about them whilst getting slightly tipsy.

  3. Ooh yes good ideas! Sarah, Tom's friends put on a regular "bad movie night" at a pub up the road, it's fun watching them in a group!

    Homemade pizza night sounds delicious :)

  4. I actually much prefer nights in (mental ages: 75).
    Tonight my best friend is teaching me how to play the ukulele via Skype. (He's in Belgium.) So amateur music is a good thing.
    Then the other night my friends and I played Jenga which got more interesting the more red wine we had consumed. I also like watching semi-bad Hollywood movies and then having in depth discussions about them.
    What I'd really like to do is have some sort of private debate club though. Set yourself a topic - maybe a book, and article, or just a "what if?" - and discuss that for an evening...

  5. Ooh love those ideas too Dot! You've reminded me we now have an electric piano, it's tom's but I've been meaning to have a little tinkle and learn a tune on it!

    If we do the debate night i'll send you an invite and you could join in via skype :)

  6. win lose or draw looks amazing, I used to love that show, haha, wow!!

    I love film nights, themes are also good - we've had a pixar, a studio ghibl one and arnie films are always fun too lol (if you like that kind of thing)

  7. Rhianne, tom & his friends had regular Arnie nights too! I went to one of them :) Also they watched the Wire for about 3 years hehe, i've watched 2 episodes now so I'm still getting into it!

  8. Yes! If you have a debate night I might just get on a train and come to Nottingham. I'd be the guest speaker, maybe I'll put on a terrible tie for that occasion.

  9. I'll sure try these kind of nights! Specially because it's winter here and it's been raining for a whole week now.


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