Monday, 18 July 2011

Food Diary Continued...

Butternut squash pie

This weekend Tom made a delicious pie using butternut squash, leek and mushrooms, the recipe is here if you fancy making it too. Perfect for rainy days!

Earlier in the week I roasted some peppers and filled them with cous cous and halloumi which made for a lovely quick supper. Halloumi always makes a meal ten times tastier.

Butternut squash pie

Roasted peppers with halloumi & cous cous


  1. I can confirm that the pie was absolutely delicious! Thanks to Tom for cooking, and thanks Laura for posting the recipe!

  2. oh wow! both of those meals look incredible.

  3. Halloumi is a very tasty-making cheese. I've started to feel this way about paneer lately too - and am finding both to be really good subtitutes for meat now I'm trying to be more veggie. Mmmm cheese.

  4. Glad you liked it Lor ;)

    Jessica, you're right, halloumi's a great meat substitute :) I've not cooked with paneer yet but I love it as well, my favourite Indian place does a great Spinach & Paneer curry. Yum.


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