Friday, 1 July 2011

Film Friday: Bridesmaids

I usually avoid any film titles to do with weddings, but this one written and starring Saturday Night Live regular Kristen Wiig was actually really good. Jon Hamm also stars which is a good reason in itself to watch, but there are some very funny moments as well!



  1. I was skeptical about watching this film but actually really liked it. I loved the bit where she was sweating and going nope just hungry!

  2. Yes the poster put me off a bit but it was good, i liked the bit where one of the bridesmaids was driving off with about ten puppies in the back of her car :)

  3. I must admit that after hearing some good things I was actually quite disappointed by this movie. I thought the characters were so flat and the humor was really boy humour. I think it could have been better. Were some funny moments and the puppies were cute.

  4. I think i used the word "good" quite a lot, it certainly wasn't great but I did enjoy it anyway :) I think some of the humour was a bit boyish but I guess Judd Apatow was involved!

  5. I almost gave this a miss because it was supposed to be "the female Hangover" (I HATED The Hangover) but I was pleasantly surprised. Much funnier than all the fart jokes in the trailer implied!


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