Friday, 29 July 2011

Film Friday: Beginners

Last week I went to see the new Mike Mills film, Beginners at the cinema. It stars Ewan Mcgregor as a Graphic Designer who receives the news that his elderly father is suffering from cancer - and has also come out as gay.

Melanie Laurent plays Ewan's love interest and manages to look good at all times, carrying off the messy bun look perfectly. (Sigh!) Anyway I really enjoyed the film and although it has quite a sad tone it also contains really funny moments, and the sweetest darn dog you ever will see!


  1. Oo nearly went to see this at the weekend but didn't in the end as wasn't sure if it looked good or a bit cheesy. Will definitely give it a viewing this weekend if it's still on at the Broadway.

  2. No i found it sweet and not really cheesy so you should go see it at broadway :) the only thing that annoyed me whilst watching it was i was sat next to an annoying man who kept laughing WAY too loudly at everything hehe.


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