Thursday, 7 July 2011

Books I Like: Ethel & Ernest by Raymond Briggs

I stumbled upon this book the other day in a charity shop on my lunch break.
Ethel & Ernest is a graphic novel by Raymond Briggs, who famously wrote the Snowman and Father Christmas, amongst others books. Although the cover was a bit torn it didn't matter as the artwork is so lovely and the story is really sweet and moving.

This book is the true story of his parents' lives together, from how they met in the 20's, through the wartime years until the end of their lives. I have to admit the ending had me in tears, but the story, although a tale of two very 'normal' lives was really enjoyable to read. Briggs writes stories that don't often have happy endings, but I quite appreciate reading books that don't shy away from reality in this way. I'm going to try and dig out a few more adult-orientated Briggs novels, perhaps Where the Wind Blows could be next (has anyone seen the film?). I just found out that Ethel & Ernest is due to be made into an animated film too, starring Jim Broadbent & Brenda Blethyn.

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