Monday, 27 June 2011

Weekend in pictures

Secret Garden Craft Fair

The weekend flew by and involved lots of nice things, including:
  • A My So-Called Life watching night with friends and some lovely wine (we wore our best plaid shirts for the occasion)
  • A trip to Sherwood Craft Fair, Pimms and a very strange man dancing with an onion (hmm)
  • A last trip (sniff) to my Nan's house.. she's moving soon and it's now a mad rush to pack up 60 years' worth of stuff.. a very tough job indeed. But I picked out a few sweet items that I didn't want to see given to charity, more on that to come..
  • A lovely walk across the fields in long dry grass


Weird dancer



Lonely bench

Walk across the fields


  1. Looks like a gorgeous weekend! I love My So Called Life, must have a re-watch soon too! The craft fair looks ace too ;) Have a lovely week! xx

  2. I loved My So-Called Life... Sounds like a lovely weekend!


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