Monday, 6 June 2011

We own a drum kit!

drumming in a field is fun

Last year our friend James left for Australia and left his drum kit behind. The poor kit was going to waste so me & Tom offered to take care of it for him! So yesterday we made a road trip to Leicestershire to pick up the drums, stopping off to try it out in a field on the way back, to the amusement of the cows nearby. (PS. You can see the drumkit in action in this video. The camera work is a tad shoddy as I stung my feet on some nettles whilst filming, and had to carry on like normal heh..)







  1. haha how cool! Bet your neighbours are going to love you guys! Love the little video, hope to see som of your first proper jam with the kit!

  2. hehe i know, i'm a little worried about the neighbours with it being a super quiet building. Maybe we'll have to take it to a field each time we practise!

  3. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. We got a keyboard!!! Or my flatmate's just ordered one and I'm allowed to borrow it. So excited! Can't wait for it to be delivered! :)

  4. YAY. You should do a video and let me see :) Tom is currently playing the accordian in the other room. I really need to properly learn an instrument!

  5. Yay, that is great! My boyfriend is a drummer, but unfortunately we have too many neighbours who would be pretty annoyed at us if he played in the house!!


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