Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Must Haves

Light in my living room

[I was tagged by bianca at goodnight little spoon, making top 5's is always fun]

top five must-haves (at the moment):

in my kitchen:

  • orangina (makes it seem like summer's here)
  • cheese (always)
  • rooibos tea (which i can never spell)
  • spinach
  • pizza

in my closet:

  • several stripey tops
  • many polka dot dresses/skirts
  • long socks
  • my trusty plaited belt
  • vintage dresses i forgot i had

in my bag:

  • hayfever tablets (essential)
  • vaseline
  • a kit kat
  • keys
  • purse

on my tv:

  • freaks & geeks
  • old simpsons
  • the apprentice
  • i don't watch much tv! (and i've finished mad men, boo)

in my speakers (on my spotify):

  • sleigh bells
  • deerhunter
  • sufjan stevens
  • fleet foxes
  • old idlewild
in my google reader:


  1. Orangina! Sleigh Bells! Yes! :)

  2. Rooibos is my number one favorite ever. Next to earl grey rooibos

  3. Freaks and geeks! I'd totally forgotten about that!

  4. love your lists, especially the mousic and the food, I can't stop listening to the same things, especially deer hunter, I love his voice!

  5. Got quite excited when you mentioned Freaks & Geeks: ah, James Franco!

  6. Freaks and Geeks, orangina and cheese...perfect!


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