Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Food Diary - Monday & Tuesday


This week I thought I'd document my evening meals (mostly as an incentive to make me cook nicer meals and be less lazy!) There are some brilliant food bloggers out there (Come On in my Kitchen, is a recent fave, Siobhan is a pretty ace cook) and I find them a great source of inspiration when I run out of meal ideas. The only trouble is I'm often pretty hungry after looking at them!


Okay.. cheated a bit yesterday as we went out for a meal for Tom's birthday at Wagamama. Mmm.. Katsu Curry. (Tastes a lot better than it looks!) Their plum wine is amazing. And afterwards a nice spot of cider..



Tonight I made a nice potato salad, combining new potatoes, sour cream, spring onions, dill & black pepper. With a fishcake & salad it was a tasty and quick meal to make after work.



  1. Your potato salad looks amazing!! Love that you like my food blog :) Wagamamas is a fave of mine, tons of vegan options and I get a 20% discount in their southbank outlet from work, hurrah! x

  2. Ooh you lucky thing! I used to go to wagamamas a lot when they did 2 for 1 offers, but I think they became too popular and no longer do them! x

  3. those potatoes look so delicious!
    I know I'll be buying potatoes at next week's market and make this too.
    Keep making nice things, I need to find more things to cook hihi ;)

  4. I've now added sour cream, spring onion and dill to my shopping list for this weekend. Great idea for an easy dinner! Looking forward to the rest of the week.

  5. Ah great, Gaelle! I should've added you can add any favourite herb, chives are good too.. i do quite like dill though :)


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