Friday, 24 June 2011

Film Friday: Tapeheads

This week I watched a very odd 80s film, starring a young Tim Robbins along with the wonderful John Cusack, (I know Andrea is a fan!) who looks slightly weird sporting a moustache.

Tapeheads is about two security guards who lose their jobs and embark on a new career making some very bizarre music videos. Worth watching if you're a fan of the 80's, Cusack or Devo (and it contains some bizarre cameos as well).



  1. You are a genius, you have solved my movie watching dilemma! Tapeheads it is...LOVE JC!

  2. Hehe.. i must warn you though, it's not quite his finest performance! And it's a slightly bizarre film.. but worth a watch!x

  3. Ha! Tim Robbins looks like Napoleon Dynamite in that second picture. Weirdly I watched The Sure Thing the other day which also has Cusack and Robbins in it :)

  4. He does! Ahh the Sure Thing's great! And then they're reunited again in Hi Fidelity :)

  5. that's so funny! my best friend is named Andrea and she LOVES old John Cusack movies!
    Tapeheads is a great movie :D

  6. Super bizzaro! This just popped up as a recommended film on my Netflix!


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