Monday, 30 May 2011

What's on your bookshelf? - Part 2

It's a very rainy bank holiday Monday and as my car's just died our plans to collect a free drum kit have been scuppered! So I thought I'd share another bookshelf from our living room. Thank you to all the lovely folks who've submitted guest posts for this series, anyone else who fancies doing a similar post, just drop me an email!

1 This is Paris by M Sasek - This is the first in a gorgeous series of illustrated books, written in the 50s & 60s by Czech author Miroslav Sasek. I'd love to own the whole series, which includes places from all over the world, from London to New York. There's even a book entitled This is the Way to the Moon.

2 Blankets by Craig Thompson Mine & Tom's joint favourite graphic novel, Blankets is the tale of Craig Thompson's childhood, growing up in Wisconsin and meeting his first love Raina. The artwork is so beautiful and the story will most likely stay with you for years to come.

R Crumb Handbook Robert Crumb is such an important figure in the Comics world. I bought this just after I began to lose hope in graphic novels (after being bored to tears by Marvel and DC Comics!). His honesty and style influenced so many other illustrators; Chris Ware, Jeffry Brown and Craig Thompson to name a few. (-by Tom)

4 The Complete Peanuts I picked up this lovely volume of Peanuts strips for well, peanuts (sorry) from Fopp a few years ago and it's worth every penny to read the early strips by Schulz. Who's your favourite Peanuts character? Mine's Pigpen!

5 Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes This graphic novel, by the author of Ghost World, contains chapters featuring different residents of the town of Ice Haven, whose stories all intertwine to try and unravel the mystery of a kidnapping of a local boy.



  1. I really want all the books on that series but somehow own none! I have all the others mentioned, though, which just shows that we are two cool ladies.

  2. Hi Laura!

    I love your bookshelf posts, they're incredibly cute. In fact, I love your blog in general. I couldn't find your email to contact you about doing a guest post - could you either return a comment here or contact me via email?

    Thanks ^_^


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