Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What's on your bookshelf? - by Sarah

Our next bookshelves post comes from Sarah Rooftops... thank you Sarah!

EDIT: Sorry, because of issues with Blogger I had to republish this and it hasn't restored comments. stupid blogger!


Hi! I'm Sarah from up in Aberdeen and over at I'm both a big reader and a big declutterer, so while I get through a LOT of books, I only keep hold of the ones I really love. Here's the bookcase I share with my boyfriend, Steve - my shelves are the bright coloured, neat and tidy ones; his are the great big black gaming books.


This shelf is home to some of my favourite big books - you know: the non-standard-sized ones. Two are here because a friend or family member has an essay published in them; "Buddy Does Seattle" is an anthology of one of my favourite comics in the 90s, "Hate" - it's also the only graphic story I own these days; the rest I just absolutely love. (Loved that Miranda July book!- L)


I love big, shiny picture books! A lot of these photography books were presents - I was blown away by "Anonymous" and "Photobooth". I love looking at old pictures of Aberdeen, trying to match them up with the present day city; I also have books of Los Angeles images because that's where my dad lives.


Here are my Raymond Chandler novels, my Woody Allen, my Douglas Adams. Here are my enormous craft books and home decor books. Here is "Ronia, the Robber's Daughter" - my absolute favourite story when I was a kid - and my grandfather's copy of "The Book of Fate". Every mix tape I own is here, sandwiched between a picture my sister gave me for my 30th birthday and wooden blocks a friend gave me after I photographed her wedding. And, of course, here is laptop, having a well-earned break.

Thanks to Laura for indulging me and I can't wait to have a peek at everybody else's shelves, too!


  1. And thanks for editing out my typo!

  2. What a great selection. The arts and crafts books are particularly enticing! ;-)

  3. post secret is my favorite. I am so excited that it is summer so I can delve back into reading! Right now I am in the middle of Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. Love the blog!


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