Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What's on your bookshelf? - by Janet

Janet has some brilliant books on her shelves, which she's kindly shared below. You can read her lovely blog here. Thanks Janet!

pic 1

When I was looking for a house a few years ago I had only one criteria that wasn’t negotiable: it had to have space for a wall of books. I don’t keep everything I read, only the ones I will read again, so these shelves are full of the books I feel most passionately about.

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I use the fact that I’m an English teacher in a secondary school as an excuse to read a lot of teen fiction. But actually, I would recommend these to anyone who likes a cracking good story. Framed still makes me laugh out loud despite having read it eight or nine times, and I Capture The Castle is the most beautiful and evocative coming of age story (I loved this book too! -L)

Pic 3

My travel shelves are divided into books about South Africa on the top shelf (it’s where my parents come from) and everywhere else on the shelf below. I have two copies of a book about my grandfather, one for me and one to lend out, and a very well-thumbed copy of Mandela’s autobiography which travelled round Africa with me.

pic 5

These are my music books. There are lots about women in music from the Britpop and Riot Grrrrl eras. Also, bizarrely, quite a bit about hip hop. Even though I’m not a massive fan I found it fascinating to read about the development of the genre.

pic 4

While my non-fiction is categorised according to topic, my fiction is organised according to geography and personal opinion, so for example these are my favourite authors from America. My brother maintains this is a baffling way to sort books, but that’s kind of the point: I like that I know where to find things even if no-one else can.

Thanks to Laura for hosting me and allowing us all to peek at people's shelves! I look forward to finding out what’s on your bookshelf…



  1. i need to see more. copying down titles with your head tilted to one side is not that easy - thank goodness for the good quality photographs. where is nick hornby?

  2. You have 2 copies of Beyond Fear??? No fair!


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