Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What's on your bookshelf? - by Gaelle

Following on from the last post, Gaelle from Nice Day for a Sulk has kindly written this guest post about what's on her own.


It’s with great pleasure that I am writing this guest post for the wonderful Make Do and Mend, adding my eclectic London shelves to the What’s on your Shelf series.


1. The foodie shelf:

From the top of my 5ft2, I conveniently placed my cookbooks collection on the lowest shelf in the front room. My indispensable Nigel Slater’s collection dominates this corner, alongside Rosie Lovell’s brilliant Spooning with Rosie and my Nigella Express bible that saved me so many hours in the kitchen.


2. The French shelf

Bonjour Tristesse, the unforgettable Françoise Sagan masterpiece is a bit of a “cheat” on this shelf as it’s actually the English version. But I couldn’t resist the pretty cover. (I love this book too! -L)

Boris Vian collection: I wish I could dedicate more than a simple Ikea LACK shelf to this genius of a writer, simply my all-time favourite.


3. Haruki Murakami corner

My boyfriend introduced me to the magical world of Murakami when we first met, and I’ve never looked back since (ie: I’ve stuck to both the boyfriend and the books!) IF I had to choose ONE –I hope that day never comes–, it would probably be Dance Dance Dance. Ask me again next week, it’ll probably be Norwegian Wood.
I also keep this little wooden camel here, in memory of my late-mother whose dream was to go back to Casablanca where she spent the first 12 years of her life. This small keepsake always made her smile.


4. A rather edited comics shelf

My boyfriend’s collection of comics has been trimmed to the bare minimum (‘someone’ requested a little editing…). So this one now consists of the essentials: the must-have MAUS of course, but also the Scott Pilgrim sextet, and my personal favourite: Put the Book Back on the Shelf, a Belle & Sebastian anthology. (I have this as well! -L)

Thank you Gaelle!



  1. I might have bookshelf envy. What a great selection of stuff :)

  2. I'm blushing... thank you!
    And thank you Laura for hosting my post on your lovely blog
    Gaelle :-)

  3. Love Bonjour Tristesse too!

  4. I love the reason for the camel. :)


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