Monday, 30 May 2011

Weekend in pictures

it rained

This weekend was a little longer than normal and we made up for the dismal weather by playing lots of board games (well one particular board game played multiple times!), watching Purple Rain at the cinema (amazing) and of course eating lots of tasty food.

and rained

me in the sky mirror


the convent in the rain

mike read's pop quiz ftw

Spinach & Mascarpone Gnocchi Bake
Yum Yum... Gnocchi Bake!


  1. What's in the gnocci bake? It looks incredible! Recipe plz! xx

  2. It was pretty good! I've linked to the recipe now but I made the tomato sauce myself instead of using a shop bought one ;)

  3. oh and used cheddar not parmesan! xx

  4. love these. also, the dude with the long hair in the board game picture is a major babe. just had to throw that in.


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