Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Royal Wedding..

Royal Wedding Day

We watched the build up to the Royal Wedding on Friday, then after the I Do's got a little bored and switched it off!

*Tom was referring to Prince the music maker and not the heir to the throne by the way ;)


  1. ha, love this - we had similar conversations though we only watched until half ten and then had to leave the hotel so I didnt even see the wedding, oh well :)

  2. Hehe yeah we had to drive back from Wales that day. Don't really think you missed much, no one tripped over or anything sadly!

  3. This made me chuckle. We stayed tuned until the kisses on the balcony, but felt like the longest morning since records started! We then popped to a republican street-party to recover :-)
    Lovely post. Gaelle

  4. I was totally waiting for someone to fall over or somehting funny to happen too. No such luck! Love your drawing! x


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