Friday, 27 May 2011

Lovely Links...

Loving Caitlin Shearer's portraits, above.

I didn't manage to watch any films this week, so I thought I'd share some nice things I came across on the interweb this week.

I loved this post by Girl Hula about holding on to ordinary moments and never letting them go.

I'd love to try these tea popsicles, made by hilda grahnat (may have to wait for the weather to improve first!)

Lady Croissant has some good tips on how to detox your wardrobe.

A good tutorial on how to make tin can lanterns, shared on Knitting on Trains

And finally.. my Nan was on the Apprentice! You can see her on this still on iPlayer. (She didn't tell anyone about it! She gets a neck massage in this week's episode, and mentions hurting her neck whilst water ski-ing - remember this picture?)


  1. the apprentice?! no way!! Thats brilliant.

    Loving all these links! have a great weekend

  2. Thank you!!! :)

  3. tea popsicles soud amazing! How funny that your nan was on the apprenice. I LOVE that show! x

  4. Hi Laura! What a beautiful and informative blog you are having here! I wonder if the illustrated book by Tom about your shoes should be published! It looked very cute : ) I would certenly buy it!

  5. Thanks Laura! Glad my tutorial could be of use :)


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