Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Handmade & Vintage Bits

bunting in the kitchen

This year I asked people if they wouldn't mind giving me either handmade or second-hand items for my birthday (there's far too much stuff in the world already, don't you think? plus handmade gifts always rule). I was so pleased with what I received, I have the best family and friends!

Cloud bag
My talented friend Laura made me this cloud-bag!

my book
Tom made me this beautiful illustrated book...

pretty handmade book
...which features all of my shoes!

vintage goodies
My aunt gave me these gorgeous antique egg cups and tea cups!

My dad found me this (slightly scary!) 1950s jack-in-the-box and old Captain Scott tin

my new holga :-)

Plus.. this wasn't really a birthday gift but I recently acquired this Holga Pinhole camera! Can't wait to try it but I have no idea where to start... does anyone have any tips to share?


  1. Tom's book! Oh my! What a clever fellow.

  2. Oh wow!!! These are brilliant, ths cloud bag is most impressive and Tom's book is so sweet!

  3. Great idea, maybe I'll go for that this year. There's definitely far too much stuff in the world already, and the secondhand/homemade prezzies you got are lovely!

  4. What lovely gifts! Some of my friends (including my boyfriend) would really struggle if I asked them to go handmade/secondhand, but I love how much more thought has to go into them that way.

  5. Yeah i think it's easier for those of us who shop in 2nd hand shops regularly! I did of course appreciate shop-bought things too but loved the quirky items people found me :)

  6. That is such a great idea for gifts. Tom's book is ace, he's so talented!


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