Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fisheyes by the seaside

Ahoy there

I recently had my latest fisheye film developed, including some photos taken in Anglesey last month, I love taking photographs and forgetting what's on the film until you get it developed!

Anglesey beach

Anglesey beach

Beyond the lighthouse

Inside the lighthouse

Ahh sleeptime


  1. great pics! I've gotta get me a fish eye. I love developing old forgotten about films. I've got about 10 old films in a drawer somewhere, waiting for me to decide if I'm going to develop them or chuck them...

  2. These turned out so good. There is honestly nothing better than photo development.

  3. Siobhan, you have to develop them! :)

  4. Wow wow wow! Best fisheye pics I've ever seen! Feel like getting a fisheye camera for the first time :)


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