Friday, 6 May 2011

Film Friday: Welcome to the Dollhouse

This week I watched Welcome to the Dollhouse, a film from 1995 directed by Todd Solondz. The film features Dawn, a geeky teenager who gets bullied by everyone she knows, from school mates to her own family. You could really see the influence of this film upon films such as Napolean Dynamite & Little Miss Sunshine, although Welcome to the Dollhouse has a darker undertone.



  1. I'm a bit scared of watching Todd Solondz films since I watched Happiness about 8 years ago and thought it was a bit disturbing! Definitely not a happy film!x

  2. Yeah i also watched that years ago, btu i think i've blocked most of it from my memory! This one is a bit funnier :)

  3. i love this movie so much.


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