Monday, 30 May 2011

Weekend in pictures

it rained

This weekend was a little longer than normal and we made up for the dismal weather by playing lots of board games (well one particular board game played multiple times!), watching Purple Rain at the cinema (amazing) and of course eating lots of tasty food.

and rained

me in the sky mirror


the convent in the rain

mike read's pop quiz ftw

Spinach & Mascarpone Gnocchi Bake
Yum Yum... Gnocchi Bake!

What's on your bookshelf? - Part 2

It's a very rainy bank holiday Monday and as my car's just died our plans to collect a free drum kit have been scuppered! So I thought I'd share another bookshelf from our living room. Thank you to all the lovely folks who've submitted guest posts for this series, anyone else who fancies doing a similar post, just drop me an email!

1 This is Paris by M Sasek - This is the first in a gorgeous series of illustrated books, written in the 50s & 60s by Czech author Miroslav Sasek. I'd love to own the whole series, which includes places from all over the world, from London to New York. There's even a book entitled This is the Way to the Moon.

2 Blankets by Craig Thompson Mine & Tom's joint favourite graphic novel, Blankets is the tale of Craig Thompson's childhood, growing up in Wisconsin and meeting his first love Raina. The artwork is so beautiful and the story will most likely stay with you for years to come.

R Crumb Handbook Robert Crumb is such an important figure in the Comics world. I bought this just after I began to lose hope in graphic novels (after being bored to tears by Marvel and DC Comics!). His honesty and style influenced so many other illustrators; Chris Ware, Jeffry Brown and Craig Thompson to name a few. (-by Tom)

4 The Complete Peanuts I picked up this lovely volume of Peanuts strips for well, peanuts (sorry) from Fopp a few years ago and it's worth every penny to read the early strips by Schulz. Who's your favourite Peanuts character? Mine's Pigpen!

5 Ice Haven by Daniel Clowes This graphic novel, by the author of Ghost World, contains chapters featuring different residents of the town of Ice Haven, whose stories all intertwine to try and unravel the mystery of a kidnapping of a local boy.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Lovely Links...

Loving Caitlin Shearer's portraits, above.

I didn't manage to watch any films this week, so I thought I'd share some nice things I came across on the interweb this week.

I loved this post by Girl Hula about holding on to ordinary moments and never letting them go.

I'd love to try these tea popsicles, made by hilda grahnat (may have to wait for the weather to improve first!)

Lady Croissant has some good tips on how to detox your wardrobe.

A good tutorial on how to make tin can lanterns, shared on Knitting on Trains

And finally.. my Nan was on the Apprentice! You can see her on this still on iPlayer. (She didn't tell anyone about it! She gets a neck massage in this week's episode, and mentions hurting her neck whilst water ski-ing - remember this picture?)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fisheyes by the seaside

Ahoy there

I recently had my latest fisheye film developed, including some photos taken in Anglesey last month, I love taking photographs and forgetting what's on the film until you get it developed!

Anglesey beach

Anglesey beach

Beyond the lighthouse

Inside the lighthouse

Ahh sleeptime

Handmade & Vintage Bits

bunting in the kitchen

This year I asked people if they wouldn't mind giving me either handmade or second-hand items for my birthday (there's far too much stuff in the world already, don't you think? plus handmade gifts always rule). I was so pleased with what I received, I have the best family and friends!

Cloud bag
My talented friend Laura made me this cloud-bag!

my book
Tom made me this beautiful illustrated book...

pretty handmade book
...which features all of my shoes!

vintage goodies
My aunt gave me these gorgeous antique egg cups and tea cups!

My dad found me this (slightly scary!) 1950s jack-in-the-box and old Captain Scott tin

my new holga :-)

Plus.. this wasn't really a birthday gift but I recently acquired this Holga Pinhole camera! Can't wait to try it but I have no idea where to start... does anyone have any tips to share?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Calling all doodlers!

Gemma Correll's popular blog "What I Wore Today" is being made into a book next year. If you'd like to submit a drawing (text free) you can do so on the flickr page, by June 24th and it may appear in the book! Now back to my sketchbook...

What's on your bookshelf? - by Janet

Janet has some brilliant books on her shelves, which she's kindly shared below. You can read her lovely blog here. Thanks Janet!

pic 1

When I was looking for a house a few years ago I had only one criteria that wasn’t negotiable: it had to have space for a wall of books. I don’t keep everything I read, only the ones I will read again, so these shelves are full of the books I feel most passionately about.

pic 2

I use the fact that I’m an English teacher in a secondary school as an excuse to read a lot of teen fiction. But actually, I would recommend these to anyone who likes a cracking good story. Framed still makes me laugh out loud despite having read it eight or nine times, and I Capture The Castle is the most beautiful and evocative coming of age story (I loved this book too! -L)

Pic 3

My travel shelves are divided into books about South Africa on the top shelf (it’s where my parents come from) and everywhere else on the shelf below. I have two copies of a book about my grandfather, one for me and one to lend out, and a very well-thumbed copy of Mandela’s autobiography which travelled round Africa with me.

pic 5

These are my music books. There are lots about women in music from the Britpop and Riot Grrrrl eras. Also, bizarrely, quite a bit about hip hop. Even though I’m not a massive fan I found it fascinating to read about the development of the genre.

pic 4

While my non-fiction is categorised according to topic, my fiction is organised according to geography and personal opinion, so for example these are my favourite authors from America. My brother maintains this is a baffling way to sort books, but that’s kind of the point: I like that I know where to find things even if no-one else can.

Thanks to Laura for hosting me and allowing us all to peek at people's shelves! I look forward to finding out what’s on your bookshelf…


Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekend in pictures

Le Chapel

I had a lovely extended weekend after my birthday last week. On Thursday night I travelled to Manchester to see the amazing Sufjan Stevens live at the Apollo. It was such a great gig, i loved the quieter folky songs but I also enjoyed the stage show itself; lights, confetti and balloons made it quite an appropriate 'birthday gig'! On Friday we held a party in the Chapel which was lots of fun. And yesterday my family visited and brought me some lovely vintage gifts which I'll share in another post!


Salmon + lemon mash@The larder
My birthday meal at the Larder in Goosegate. Yum.


Chapel door




Traditional Pyramid

Let them eat cake

The Burning House

I've become kind of addicted to this site, where people post photos of what they'd save first if their house were to burn down. A lot of them are a little hipster-ish (can't people leave their iPhones behind and replace them? heh..) but they are also really lovely images. I might submit my own this week! ~ Image above by Brett Rogowski, below by 6 year-old Brody Tors.

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