Thursday, 21 April 2011

On cycling to work

the Bridge

This week the weather's been beautiful and I had no excuse not to start riding my bike to work again. Usually I drive which takes roughly the same time in the mornings, as you end up stuck in traffic jams for half of the journey. If you're thinking of swapping your morning drive for a morning cycle here are a few good things about hopping on your bicycle.

Near the canal

1. You save money

Now petrol prices are phenomenally high, even a couple of days spent cycling rather than driving can save you quite a few pennies.

Cycle path

2 You notice things you normally don't

From the smells of blossom in Spring to spotting sweet little dogs being taken for a walk, in a car it's not often possible to stare at the world passing you by. On my ride to work this morning I spotted an old man smoking a pipe, a cool guy rollerskating near the river and a canoeist as I went over the toll bridge. It's the little things that can really brighten your morning!

the Bridge

3 It's good for you

An obvious one but since getting a car I find myself relying on it too much, for shopping trips on my lunch break, and little trips that could easily be made on a bike. Just an hour's cycling a day makes me feel I'm doing a little exercise I normally wouldn't do.

Toll Bridge

4 You get to work feeling wide awake

As long as the heat's not too bad (which it rarely is in Britain, especially in the cooler mornings!) I find when I arrive at work I feel a lot more energetic and less sluggish than usual.

Nearly there

5 You're doing your bit for the environment

What more reason do you need?


Now grab your bike & load your iPod with Springtime tunes and get cycling!


  1. It does help if one has such a cute bike as yours as well :) xx

  2. Felt like the wind was blowing through my hair as I read your post. Makes me want to hop on my bike right away! Nice pictures and I love your red bike.

  3. Your bike is so cute. Love the pictures of the mist on the river, beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I do love my bike although it only has 3 gears which makes cycling uphill pretty impossible :)

  5. i cycle to work and it makes the journey so special, esp coming home when everyone is sitting in traffic :)

  6. Thank you for this post. I have copied & pasted your pics and inspirational notes and put them on my notice board to motivate me to get out on my bike more!


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