Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Good things spotted this week..

How sweet is this Gypsy caravan sewing box by Cath Kidston?

The writer of Submarine details his attempts to enjoy the film version here.

Really want to try making this olive bread, spotted on What Katie Does

Some envelopes I made out of an old road map, after following Siobhan's simple tutorial.

An interesting piece by illustrator Lizzy Stewart about not comparing your work to others' found here.


  1. lovely post, cute caravan! Thanks for featuring my D.I.Y, greta idea to make them out of old maps. I bought some 60's annuals at the market the other day to amke some out of too. So fun! x

  2. that link makes me want to see submarine even more and get the book too! Also I love the caravan.

    have you seen its record store day tomorrow, there are a couple of shops aparticipating in Notts

  3. Yeah! I'm going to pop in the record shops tomorrow and have a peruse i think!


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