Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank holiday fun in the sun

Me on the lake
Above: wearing my 'b is for bicycle' badge given to me by siobhan, yay

The sunshine's been amazing this Bank Holiday weekend. I'm really hoping it lasts the week as I'm off to Wales on Wednesday, so fingers crossed! This weekend was jam packed full of fun; easter eggs hunts, boules tournaments, extreme frisbee, bicycle rides along the canal and today me and a friend hired rowing boats at the University Park and had a picnic on the lake there. I'd highly recommend it!

Pimms o'clock
Fruity Pimms, the taste of summer..

Picnic time


Boules in the park

A walk in Cambridgeshire

Boats at University Park

Under the Bridge
Rowing on the lake at Nottingham University Park

A Picture of Me

A Picture of Me

A lot of bloggers out there are doing "7 things about Me" posts, so I thought it'd be fun to post up this About Me form I filled in at school when I was ten years old. I found it at my Dad's house last week, along with various drawings and school report forms. Most things on this form still ring true (apart from tennis, I never was too good at that, but I think I felt the need to include some kind of physical activity on there!)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Spring

How amazing are these hand stitched eggs? Found on design sponge.

Happy Easter folks, I'm off to see family for a few days, have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Pretty flowers

... spotted in my lunch break yesterday. I think wild flowers far outweigh shop-bought ones, don't you think?



May blossom
May blossom

The humble Dandelion

Sweet daisies


Illustrated Envelopes

I love looking through these amazing illustrated envelopes, sent to publisher Klaus Flugge during his 30-year career. More can be seen here.

By Peta Coplons

Thursday, 21 April 2011

On cycling to work

the Bridge

This week the weather's been beautiful and I had no excuse not to start riding my bike to work again. Usually I drive which takes roughly the same time in the mornings, as you end up stuck in traffic jams for half of the journey. If you're thinking of swapping your morning drive for a morning cycle here are a few good things about hopping on your bicycle.

Near the canal

1. You save money

Now petrol prices are phenomenally high, even a couple of days spent cycling rather than driving can save you quite a few pennies.

Cycle path

2 You notice things you normally don't

From the smells of blossom in Spring to spotting sweet little dogs being taken for a walk, in a car it's not often possible to stare at the world passing you by. On my ride to work this morning I spotted an old man smoking a pipe, a cool guy rollerskating near the river and a canoeist as I went over the toll bridge. It's the little things that can really brighten your morning!

the Bridge

3 It's good for you

An obvious one but since getting a car I find myself relying on it too much, for shopping trips on my lunch break, and little trips that could easily be made on a bike. Just an hour's cycling a day makes me feel I'm doing a little exercise I normally wouldn't do.

Toll Bridge

4 You get to work feeling wide awake

As long as the heat's not too bad (which it rarely is in Britain, especially in the cooler mornings!) I find when I arrive at work I feel a lot more energetic and less sluggish than usual.

Nearly there

5 You're doing your bit for the environment

What more reason do you need?


Now grab your bike & load your iPod with Springtime tunes and get cycling!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Levitating Self Portraits

Love these self-portraits by Natsumi Hayashi (found via eleanor jane) taken to look as if she is floating in the air.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Weekend Wanderings


The lovely weather returned again this weekend and I went on a wander around Nottingham, stopping off at the Music Exchange where there was a queue outside for Record Store Day (sadly they'd sold out of most records by the time I arrived.)

Record Store Day

Record Store Day is pretty popular..

After that I caught a tram to Forest Fields where me and a friend ate a most delicious curry at the New Art Exchange for the princely sum of £4. The gallery is a really beautiful building, showcasing work by mainly African and Asian artists, it's definitely worth the trip. And today I went to the Olde Trip and ate a lovely halloumi ciabatta in the sunshine, then saw perhaps the worst film in the world, The Room at the Hopkinson Gallery (it was very funny). A good weekend indeed, I can't wait til the Easter holidays next week.

New Art Exchange

Dining at the cafe in the New Art Exchange


New Art Exchange

New Art Exchange


Friday, 15 April 2011

1950s Interiors

Stumbled upon these lovely 50's interior pictures from here. I love the colours they used back then. I especially like the bedroom with trees! (Tom did actually have a tree in his old room, we need to find a new one i think..)


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Good things spotted this week..

How sweet is this Gypsy caravan sewing box by Cath Kidston?

The writer of Submarine details his attempts to enjoy the film version here.

Really want to try making this olive bread, spotted on What Katie Does

Some envelopes I made out of an old road map, after following Siobhan's simple tutorial.

An interesting piece by illustrator Lizzy Stewart about not comparing your work to others' found here.
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