Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Things I Like Right Now

Fresh daffs

Some things that are brightening up my March.

1 Fresh daffodils.

Since moving I've become addicted to buying fresh flowers and these were a housewarming gift from a friend at the weekend.

puzzle bobble

2 Puzzle Bobble.

Can't stop playing this classic game, it's highly addictive.

cajun salmon

3 New recipes.

So far this month: falafel burgers, cajun salmon, and carrot cake have all been hits, yum!

4 Miss Moss' Music Mixes

Check out the mixes you can download here. Some great compilations on different themes.


5. Dressing up in silly outfits

Always cheers me up!


  1. I love daffodils! What type are those? They look different to usual ones.

  2. You guys look like so much fun!!!

  3. I need some new recipes too - falafel burgers sound interesting, will have to do a quick search.

  4. I've linked to the recipes now :)

    Helen - Not sure, i had a look on the internet and turns out there are LOADS of different daffodil types, they look a bit like the Queen Anne's hybrid here:



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