Tuesday, 8 March 2011


jeffrey brown's page...

This weekend my travelling journal returned from a trip to Chicago, visiting my favourite comic artist, Jeffrey Brown. This is his page, isn't it great? I feel so grateful to everyone who's participated so far, it means a lot to me, so yes, a big thank you.




  1. Jeffrey's page is awesome! You're so lucky!
    Sorry about the 'coincidence'.

  2. A travelling journal? How fun! If it ever wants to visit Spain, I'd be glad to show him the city haha

    PS. Hope at least they interview you on their blog...

  3. yay so nice that he's in the journal! Strange idea that it's been in his hands and so on, all the way in Chicago, don't you think?

    Maybe you can email the Oh Comely that you noticed their travelling journal and just say it was your idea; and that it would be nice if they interviewed you about it?

    Or be not-so-nice and sue them for stealing of intellectual property ;-)

  4. Hehe thanks all, i think it was a coincidence as i checked dates and found they sent theirs out last december, it seems a popular idea now i think! i just found it weird they didnt tell me they already did a similar thing in their email! But my faith in my favourite magazine is restored! :)


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