Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Guide to Nottingham Part 1 - Vintage

Above: Records on sale at Tat, Mansfield Rd.

This month I decided to try and buy only second hand or vintage items (apart from the essentials of course!), so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favourite vintage havens in Nottingham with anyone living here or planning a visit.

Daphne's Handbag

Daphne's Handbag, Mansfield Rd

Daphne's is situated near the bottom of Mansfield Rd and is one of my favourite places to browse as the contents of the shop includes a bit of everything, from typewriters to vintage sunglasses. The staff can be a little surly at times but the varied contents of the shop usually makes up for it!

Tat Vintage

"Tat" Record Shop, Mansfield Rd

This shop stocks LOADS of cheap records. Recently I've picked up a copy of Thriller, a Beatles best of and a Leonard Cohen greatest hits, all for a couple of pounds each. There's also old suitcases, photographs and other paraphenalia on sale pretty cheaply. And downstairs amongst the records lives this rather friendly black cat (which means you do have to try and ignore the cat smell down there!..)

Shop Kitty


Laura's Vintage Store, Alfreton Rd

I got very excited when I spotted a new vintage store with my name on it, situated on Alfreton Rd, near Canning Circus. Yesterday I popped in and had a look around. The shop's quite small but the owner's very friendly and it's worth a visit to see what you can find within.

Laura's Vintage Store


Celia's Vintage Clothing, Derby Rd

It's easy to miss the vintage section in Celia's as the upstairs is devoted to fancy dress, but downstairs is a treasure trove of (slightly pricey) vintage clothing.



Recreation, West End Arcade, near the Market Square

I recently chanced upon this fairly new looking vintage shop, which sells artworks and other collectables and a wide range of unusual old musical instruments (one of which I had to buy- I will share it in a post soon!)

And finally... Le Chien et Moi, Derby Rd

Mulberry the Bassett Hound

This shop mainly specialises in fancy giftware but I wanted to include it as upon entering the shop, their friendly bassett hound Mulberry waddles out to greet you. Isn't he sweet?



  1. Ah great guide, wish I'd had this when I was in Nottingham last month. Sure I missed most of these and they look great! Oh well, next time, thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome guide! I wandered past Daphne's Handbag on Saturday night whilst convinced I was lost on the way to the Lincolnshire Poacher for a friend's birthday. It looks amazing, I noted it for future reference!

  3. Laura's is an amazing shop ! I always pop in when I pass by and I usually leave with a piece of jewellery or a totally out there piece of clothing. Love it and Laura herself is wonderful! x


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