Friday, 25 March 2011

Film Friday: Submarine

This week I went to see the debut film by Richard Ayoade, Submarine. It's a coming of age story about a boy named Oliver Tate whose main aim is to snare a girlfriend, and also save his parent's marriage which is on the rocks after Graham rolls up (brilliantly played by Paddy Considine). Included in the film were all my favourite things (er maybe cos it was set in the 80s...); polaroids, typewriters, mixtapes and duffel coats.



  1. was it good?? I can't wait to see this, I adore Richard Ayoade! Thomas served him in London once when he was working at HMV and I'm still jealous :)

    Those are alot of my favourite things too lol, I'm still sad Thomas's duffel coat he had when I first met him died...

  2. Yes it was good :) you should go watch it!


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