Monday, 28 March 2011

Cheer up love..

Hehe. This used to happen to me pretty often. Why do (usually old) men feel the need to comment on how sad or happy a person looks?! - Image by KrisAtomic


  1. haha! I remember getting comments when I was feeling low on particular days. Nosey people :(

  2. this happens to me all the time!! i'm really quiet and shy at first too so that doesn't help. it really annoys me though when people assume i'm like suicidal or something because i'm usually just daydreaming or zoning out. also because who really walks around skipping and smiling at everyone? i always assumed people would think it was creepy if i did that.

  3. This happens to me and it drives me crazy. I always feel like telling them that actually something horrific just happened to see their reaction but am too scared of jynxing myself.

  4. I showed this picture in a drawing presentation I did today at uni :D It made me laugh a lot when it popped up on Kris' blog last week. Too good and so true!


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