Thursday, 10 March 2011

30 pictures of something good: Part 5

21. A person who is always there for me

22. A picture from a time in my life I miss

23. A picture from last summer

24. A picture that makes me happy

25. A person who always makes me happy



  1. It's very sweet that there are so many pictures of your lovely fellow in this series. He seems like a funny guy (still love those photos in your new place, haha).

  2. Hehe.. yes i should really feature more other people too, i just have so many good pics of tom! You should do a similar post too lady x

  3. I love this feature too! I've had real problems commenting on your blog from my laptop at home, not sure why. I'm checking it at work today (naughty) and it's working fine... Just so you know that I've still been reading your posts! x

  4. That summer pic is awesome!

    Camila F.

  5. omg. the one of your legs and the clouds is so awesome.


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