Thursday, 3 February 2011

Travelling Journal: Part 2

Last week I went to see Jeffrey Lewis, live in Leicester. if you're not familiar with his music, you should definitely have a listen; kind of New York folksy stuff, with great lyrics. Anyway Jeffrey also draws amazing comics, often available at his gigs, so I decided to ask him if he'd do a quick drawing in my travelling journal. And he said yes, as you can see above!

Also, my boyfriend has filled in a few pages too, which you can see below. Thank you tom! (Click to enlarge)

Next up the journal is going to travel all the way to Chicago, where my favouritest comic artist, Jeffrey Brown, has agreed to draw some pages inside. Hurrah! I'm so excited. Thanks again to everyone who's participated so far.


  1. jeffrey brown????? HOLY SHIT!

  2. you guys are so sweet!! Great cartoons as ever you talented folks :) x

  3. Oh my! Laura, this is amazing! Jeffrey Brown! So happy for you :)


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