Friday, 4 February 2011

Film Friday: Precious

This week I watched Precious. Overall I thought it was a good film, although by the end I did feel pretty depressed! (Her parents were so horrible, argh!) However it was fun to see Mariah Carey without make up for a change! (Ooh, and having just looked it up, I didn't realise the lovely male nurse was played by Lenny Kravitz!)



  1. I've wanted to watch this but I fear ending up feeling like shit afterwards. Sometimes I get way too involved with movies...

  2. I know, it didn't really look like Lenny Kravitz and although sad I loved the ending, it was very empowering seeing her walk away with her two children

  3. Hi there :)
    Karen posted a link reccomending your page, so I just figured I'd leave a comment and let you know I like the blog. The artwork in the Travel Journal is wonderful, it's definitely going to be a cool project to look at once it's all filled up, awesome idea!
    I've been meaning to see Precious, and now I'm a little more confirmed that I should get on that.



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