Friday, 11 February 2011

Film Friday: Black Swan

I finally got round to watching Black Swan this week, and it was really good. However, I wasn't quite prepared for some of the more gory moments! Not wanting to give too much away, it's best to bear in mind Aronofsky's other work before going to see the film!

When I was a kid my Nan often took me to see the ballet, and we saw Swan Lake a few times. Although I can't remember much of the actual ballet, (I'm not sure it was the most exciting night out for a child!) the music really stuck with me and watching this film really brought back Tchaikovsky's musical accompanyment, which I still really enjoy. I think a lot of older members of the audience were a bit shocked that the film wasn't just a nice ballet film - I'm not sure my grandma would really enjoy it! But it was a great film and Natalie Portman always impresses me, she's a very talented actress indeed.

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