Monday, 7 February 2011

7 Posters..

7 posters

...I had on my wall over the years

1 Various people from Neighbours I was rather an obsessive fan as a kid and would get mighty upset if I missed an episode.. (c.1992/3)
2 PJ & Duncan I loved them before they went back to their real names. But i preferred Duncan (c.1994)
3 Damon Albarn Yes of course I now prefer Graham Coxon who is far cooler, but back then Damon was quite the charmer (c.1996)
4 Kurt Cobain (c.1998/9?)
5 Weezer I had this Ghost World style poster on my wall in the first year of uni (c.2002)
6 The Strokes I forgot I had this poster in my room, but an old photo I found of my room in the 3rd year confirms it (c.2003)
7 Say Anything Ah John Cusack, let me count the ways in which I love thee (c.2009)



  1. I know that Weezer poster, it's by Adrian Tomine.
    Great poster. If that was on your wall growing up it explains a lot!

  2. ha, yeah it's a good poster.. probably the best out of a dubious bunch ;)

  3. I love John Cusack too! I had so many Kurt Cobain posters and god knows how many Hendrix ones as well. ahh the good old days! x

  4. Oh, I think I had most of those posters! I remember being outraged when my cousin asked if I would give her my Neighbours poster. NOOOOOOO! IT'S ON MY WALL! I BOUGHT THE COPY OF LOOK-IN IT CAME WITH! JUST: NOOOOOOO!


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