Tuesday, 4 January 2011


People keep asking what my resolutions are for the year, and I'm not quite sure what to say, so I thought I'd make a list so I can remember them..

* Visit the library more - and read actual books and not just comics!

* Swim and cycle more

* Try and teach myself to crochet - I'm pretty impatient but I really want to give this another go

* Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator properly

* Finish my 50 Strangers project - and meet more interesting people along the way

* See Sufjan Stevens live (if he tours Europe! Fingers crossed!)

* To travel somewhere warm!

* To read Habibi, the new comic by Craig Thompson which is out soon - and hopefully he will also do a book tour! Eee!

* To try out exciting new recipes and illustrate the best ones..

* To draw more comics! Woop!


PS. For those of you with the January blues, Gemma Correll's made a Happy 2011 Spotify playlist here.



  1. ooh Sufjan is great live. He's rather handsome too which is never a bad thing...look forward to seeing more of your drawings this year. I got Oh Comely magazine after your recommendation, it's really brilliant. I was so excited to see an interview with Yann 'I'm not a fucking composer' Tiersen to as I love him so much! Thanks for the heads up :) xx

  2. Come to Spain! It's warmer here :)

  3. I'd love to see Sufjan Stevens too. I doubt very much he'd ever come to my hometown but I'm more than ready to travel if necessary.


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