Monday, 24 January 2011

Movie Monday: Blue Valentine

As I missed posting about a film on Friday I thought I'd do one today. I've seen a few good films in the past couple of weeks, 127 Hours which was great, Ride, Rise Roar, the David Byrne tour documentary (also recommended- the dancing's amazing!) and Blue Valentine starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. I think this was perhaps my favourite, as the performances were really good and I really felt for the characters.

It's a story about a relationship which breaks down over several years, and we see early clips of the couple first getting together, next to later ones of them arguing, which can be quite bleak to watch. I think the common feeling was to empathise more with Gosling's character than with Williams'! (When he plays the ukulele to her early in the film - aww..) Her character just seemed to really harden over the years. And their little daughter was so sweet, it was hard not to feel sorry for her most of all.


  1. I want to see this movie so bad.

  2. Definitely my film of the moment. I think I held my breath during the ukulele bit...just perfect!

  3. Grizzly Bear made this movie more intense (IMHO). Do you remember the time Cindy's daughter calling their dogs "Meeegaaaan", somehow I got this eerie feeling. Gosling is absolute darling here.


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