Saturday, 29 January 2011



A while ago I went through a phase of checking Found Magazine's Find of the Day - if you've never visited the site, they ask people to send in items they've found; anything from photos, notes and letters to ticket stubs, to-do lists and so on. It made me constantly on the lookout for similar items on the street, but I never found anything of interest.

One winter, when I was a kid my brother and I were taking our sledge to the park and found a cassette tape in the snow. We pocketed it excitedly, wondering what could be on there (a mixtape for a loved one? Secret spy messages we were never meant to hear?) but by the time we got home we realised it had fallen out of his pocket.. devastating!


Last week I bought a book from Oxfam and found this photograph inside. A picture of a happy family, seemingly used as a bookmark, that the owner will never get back. Have you ever found anything interesting? (Oh - I also bought a camera from a charity shop that had a half used roll of film inside, which was pretty exciting to develop!)



  1. What a lovely find. My ex-boyfriend once found a picture of Angus Deaton cuddling a woman in bed and smiling at the camera (pg rated thankfully). It was just lying on the street! x

  2. Once I found a picture of the lady in the book, printed at 1880. I took that book from library. :>


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