Friday, 7 January 2011

Film Friday: Somewhere

This week I finally had chance to see the latest Sofia Coppola film, Somewhere. For those of you not familiar with it, the film is about the life of an actor, played by Stephen Dorff, whose life is a heady mix of parties, fast cars and prescription drugs.

However, when his daughter visits he starts to find more meaning to his existence. Although I enjoyed the film, (the awkward pole dance scene was excruciating but funny.. and the little cameo in the lift, ha!) I'm not sure if I would watch it again as I didn't really find anything new in the film that stayed with me after it had ended. Did anyone else feel the same?



  1. I didn't come away feeling like you did! I'm a huge Sofia fangirl so as much as I was looking forward to seeing Somewhere, I went into it kind of afraid that I wouldn't like it.
    The pole dancing scenes were fantastic and I really appreciated how unrelentingly focussed she was on the representation and objectification of women in Hollywood.
    Even though it made me cry, the scene where Johnny calls Cleo's mum felt a little easy. Considering it was pretty much the only time where Sofia gave us clear exposition and said "this is how the character is feeling and this is what he's thinking", though, it's pretty amazing. So often I expected there to be gushy sentiment or a moral lesson waiting to be taught, and everytime Sofia pulled it back I had to remind myself that she's not the kind of director who does that.
    I'm gushing!

    Anyway, I've read a bunch of reviews of the movie and they all interpret it so differently and see things in so many different ways that it kind of makes it a perfect film, because it leaves so much room for the viewer to make decisions and draw conclusions.

  2. aah this one..I really want to see it soon!!


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