Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Childhood Books: Sam and the Firefly

When I was at home over Christmas I snuggled up in my old single bed and read a childhood favourite of mine, Sam and the Firefly. It actually came from my Grandma's house, so has been in the family a while.

The book was written by PD Eastman in 1958, and is a story about Sam the owl who makes friends with a mischievous firefly called Gus. They have fun writing things in the sky, before Gus gets rather carried away and causes traffic mayhem. The story actually used to scare me as a kid (my dad told me I didn't like the bit where the firefly gets trapped in a jar!) but it was lovely reading it again, and I love the 1950s illustrations.



  1. That looks like a beautiful book.

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  3. That's such a beautiful book! I used to love 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark' and the Jan and Allan Alberg books were some of my favourites too. the one with the Jolly Postman where you could read everyone's letters. I hope my mum has hung on to those! x

  4. Oh I loved Janet & Allan Ahlberg too! Especially Burglar Bill. Oh, I did a post about the Jolly Postman book a while ago too!


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