Wednesday, 2 February 2011

7 Things

I quite enjoy list-making so I thought I'd make a list of 7 things a week (kind of inspired by GirlHula's amazing lists). As I am moving house soon the first will be Places I have Lived.

1 A terraced house in Derby; my mum, my dad and my brother. A cat called Brocky, a hamster called Cinnamon, two white mice called Salt & Pepper and the best dog in the world, Pud.

2 A semi detached, on a busy street near a Bingo hall; my dad, my brother, me, the dog and a cat.

3 University halls in Hull; 16 students, one kitchen, 3 toilets. The smell of weed, the piling of dirty crockery and the sound of people holding wrestling matches in the corridor.

4 A shared house also in Hull; a room in the attic. An obsessively clean housemate, a strangely quiet one and a slightly less tidy housemate who then became a good friend.

5 Another shared house, 5 girls and a one boy. And a lot of mice.

6 A house in the centre of Nottingham; many housemates that came and went. The sound of UB40 from next door. Always Kingston Town. On repeat.

7 A flat in a leafier part of town, two housemates and a cat called Rosie, watching slightly dubious tv shows and eating homemade cakes.



  1. gorgeous list, I can totally see you doing this illustrated feature for a magazine or something.Very cool! Have written you a letter finally, will post out before the week is up! x

  2. I can't even remember how many houses I've lived in, but I would say around 10-13 at least but never with UB40 playing neighbours :P

  3. Great list. My brother wrote one detailing a small portion of the (50 something!) houses he'd lived in. Do you have a listography account? :)

  4. Yay thanks Siobhan, can't wait to read it!

    Yes it's kind of therapeutic writing lists, I think I did start a listography account a while ago and forgot about it! Might have to find it again...


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