Sunday, 19 December 2010

Magazines: Oh Comely

Exciting news; my long search for the UK's version of Frankie Magazine is over! Whoop! Last week I found a copy of Oh Comely magazine in a tea shop here in Nottingham, and it's my new favourite thing. The writing is funny and sharp, and the articles are really interesting, from crafts, arts and photography (last month's topic was photos taken with disposable cameras) to interviews with musicians such as Frank Turner and Carl Newman from the New Pornographers.

The magazine comes out every two months and the new issue was out a few days ago so I'm going to search it out today. The layout is a bit similar to the design of Frankie, and every month they ask readers for submissions; last month's asked for drawings of your bookshelf, which sadly I was too late to submit. (I'm happy I no longer have to ask kind Australians to send me copies of Frankie, as the postage was rather expensive!)


  1. That magazine looks great! Frankie magazine is so expensive to get on subscription in the UK, twice the price as in Australia! I'll definitely look out for this magazine. Your drawings are so amazing I hope you get one printed in an issue that would be amazing!xx

  2. Siobhan - they sell it in WH Smith! Though they've still got the last issue not the lates one yet!

  3. this magazine is the best. i heart it so much :)

  4. OOh this looks amazing, I had to give up my Frankie subscription long ago as it was so £££, so this will be a lovely reaplcement. Plus apparently they stock it in the news agents two seconds from my work :] x

  5. Ah, I'm a subscriber to this magazine. and a breath of fresh air it is too!

  6. ugh. why can't we have any cool magazines here?!

  7. You can get a digital subscription to Frankie Magazine through Zinio which is great and how I get my Frankie fix in the UK.

    I just discovered Oh Comely through another blog ... it is very, very similar to Frankie - too similar?



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