Thursday, 30 December 2010

Highlights of 2010

I thought I'd post some of my favourite photos from the past year. It's been a good one! (Apart from writing off my car in February, that was a low point..eep.)

My highlights were: discovering the prettiest B&B at a farm in Derbyshire, recording a catchy song about old computer games with Tom, going on my first canal boating holiday in the bright April sun, playing pass the parcel with all my friends on my birthday, Dr Carouse's Shimmy in the Shire (an outdoor party organised by my lovely boyfriend and his friend), my first ever ATP, holidaying in Paris and Amsterdam and visiting Gerdien & Rene, meeting Jarvis, taking photos of 26 strangers, the list goes on... hope everyone enjoyed their year as well! (Sorry about the excessive photos, i had trouble narrowing them down, which is a good thing I think!)

Song writing on Valentine's Day

Adam Ant & Cyndi Lauper.. an 80s fancy dress party.

Canalboating fun

Big Ted before he went missing at ATP festival

Dancing round the Campfire at Dr Carouse's Shimmy in the Shire

Me looking a bit "special", with my housemate in Rough Trade, London


Me, Gerdien and a bemused stranger at the Museum of Dutch Life

A friendly tomcat in Amsterdam

Bank holiday in Norfolk

Sweet little Pip

End of the Road festival


  1. Oh, Laura — it looks like you had such a great year, I'm happy for you!! BUT: you came to PaRIS AND DIDN'T GIVE ME A SHOUT?????? Mais, qu'est-ce que ça veut dire? (Gallic pout).
    Have a happy new year!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Laura you are cute as a button and your yearly round up warmed my cockles. So happy it treated you well and hope 2011 is even BETTER! x

  3. hello! yay you've had a great year! really nice to see it in pics :)

    Have a happy 2011!

    xxx gerdien

  4. Thank you lovely people :)

  5. I found your blog through Bee and it's lovely! Glad you had such a lovely year! x


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