Friday, 24 December 2010

Film Friday: Jingle all the Way

I've decided to write about films on Friday as it rolls off the tongue better!

Last night I watched the "classic" Arnie film Jingle All the Way! The plot goes something like this: Arnie's son really wants the new Turbo Man action figure for Christmas, but as his dad has left it until Christmas Eve, everywhere has sold out. As Arnie tries to track down Turbo Man all hilarity ensues! Definitely worth more than the 5/10 it gets on IMDB (mainly for Arnie's amazing acting and Phil Hartman's part as his over friendly neighbour - his voice will forever be Troy Mclure to me.)


1 comment

  1. phil hartman...he was a genius.
    my favorite christmas movie!
    merry christmas!


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