Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cats, Christmas and Carols

A card I made for Gerdien and Rene (and Coco their cat!)

Today i finally received my Sinterklaas gift from Gerdien! She sent me an amazing vintage bag! Wow! As well as some lovely cake and Chocolate candy sticks... And Tom got an awesome record! Oh and here's a little pic of Rosie taking it easy...


The bag Sinterklaas brought me!

Our Sinterklaas poem!

Tom's record!

Rosie watching this video! She loves it.


  1. Your cartoons are so lovely. Rosie is so cute watching the laptop too! Hope you guys are having a lovely pre-christmas time. x

  2. yay nice pics! It's the best Christmas card ever I think, with Coco singing along! And it's strange to see that Sinterklaas-wrapping paper again :D

    The bag looks lovely, even on the wall!

    Has Tom played the record yet? I didn't try it out, so I hope it sounds okay! If not, you can put it on the wall aswell haha!

    ciao! xx gerdien

  3. omg. i love the card you made, and rosie is freaking adorable in that photo. it looks like she's smiling and her little back paw sticking out is so cute! i also love the bag you got. i've been wanting one in black or red for ages.


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