Monday, 8 November 2010



On Saturday I went a lovely wander round the Arboretum here in Nottingham, after popping into a few vintage shops on the way. The park was pretty much deserted which seemed strange on such a bright and warm day, when I walked through the shopping centre earlier it was horribly busy so I was glad to get out of the heave of Christmas shoppers.


Autumn in the Arboretum


I bought this copy of Practical Householder (the Christmas issue!) for the princely sum of 15p. It contains some sound advice such as this page on what your man wants for Christmas. Tools it seems.

do they?


Sunday was the day we celebrating my grandma's 80th birthday.


My uncle also surprised everyone by bringing along this 1920s Herald car which has been in the family for generations. He's been restoring it for weeks for the event and it was great to see it in action (although it did cough and splutter a bit!)

the Herald


It was a really lovely day and my Nan and the rest of my family loved looking through the calendar I made.

my last polaroid

I also took my last polaroid! But i'm glad it was used on such a memorable day.


  1. lovely!!!
    i like your photos!wonderful light!
    a!and happy birthday to your grandmother!

  2. That is an awesome last Polaroid! Love your autumnal photos, looks like a great weekend and fantastic celebration for your nan. I bet she loved the calendar you made xx

  3. What an amazing car! and that magazine looks absolutely priceless. I hope your gran had a nice day :)

  4. That is wonderful.
    Just the perfect way to spend your last Polaroid.


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