Friday, 5 November 2010


I've been enjoying reading daily posts by Dot of Do Impossible Things, who posts on a different numbered topic every day.

Yesterday's was entitled: Day 17 - Your favourite memory.. so I thought I'd join in and post up mine. Of course, there are so many happy memories it's impossible to choose just one so here are a 3 that i thought of..

1 I was a child, I can't remember how old exactly, but it was a beautiful summer's day at my nan's house in the countryside and I went a walk with my mum across the fields. I remember making tunnels through the tall grass and creeping through them and it felt quite magical.

2 For some reason jumping on the back of a bicycle makes me stupidly happy! And visiting Gerdien in Holland was when I first tried it. Cycling through the sunny streets of Amsterdam felt amazing and jumping on the bike of Gerdien's bicycle and riding through her hometown at night was so beautiful.

3 A short time after me and Tom first got together I wasn't quite sure of where things were going but he sent me a message inviting me to spend the weekend at his dad's cottage in the countryside, and i'm so glad i said yes as it turned out to be a perfect weekend. I remember lovely food, sitting in the garden, taking polaroids and drawing pictures. Sometimes the simple things are also the best ones.


  1. That's such a lovely post. Creeping through tall grass as a kid was always one of my favourite things to do as well. It's great that you have Polaroids to remind you of the early days of your relationship. Polaroids of happy memories always seem so much more special than regular photos to me. xx

  2. this is such a lovely post :)

  3. lovely...


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