Thursday, 11 November 2010

Film Thursday: The Notebook

Last weekend me and a friend decided to watch something a bit girly and we settled on the Notebook as I'd never seen it before. For anyone else who hasn't seen it, the plot centres around a story an old man reads to a woman in a nursing home. He tells her the story of a romance that happened years ago, about a couple who fall in love but are separated due to her parents' disapproval.

The Notebook is a film notorious for making people well up but I have to confess that I didn't cry once! It's not that I don't like romantic films (Say Anything is one of my favourite films, partly down to how charming John Cusack was back then!) but perhaps it was because I couldn't really identify with the female lead character, and found some of the plot a little err.. unbelievable. Ryan Gosling is always lovely, but I think I preferred his slightly quirkier character in Lars & the Real Girl! What did anyone else think of the film, am I being a bit too cynical?



  1. I loved it, and cried! My other half is not romantic at all so I have to get my fix of romance elsewhere and am probably more over-emotional as a result.

  2. Maybe it was because i was pre-warned about crying and so i didn't end up doing so!

    Not as emotional as when I watched My Girl anyway hehe!

  3. Oh dear, I watched that film with friends in the US when it first came out and they all cried. I hated it, I thought it was so cheesy!

  4. haha Yes! One other person who didn't cry!

  5. Oh no, it's not just you! But I loved Lars... and Ryan Gosling is always relevant to my interests.

  6. No, you're not being cynical... that movie was schmaltzy, and not in a good way. I didn't cry either, and was left feeling like i must have a heart of stone. As sad tales of love and war, though, I've heard better. Or worse, rather. A Farewell to Arms is one of my favourite novels and the Notebook has ZIPPO on that.

    I LOVE SAY ANYTHING. Classic. And Lars and the Real Girl was absolutely wonderful, so atmospheric and truly, truly quirky. Gosling is in a new film with Michelle Williams which I was reading about recently, Blue Valentine - sounds promising, she's a wonderful actress.

  7. I like romantic comedies but I don't trust anybody who likes this one.


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