Sunday, 21 November 2010

Christmas Jumpers...

This weekend was cold and misty, and I enjoyed staying in, watching DVD's and playing on the xylophone cosied up with a cuppa. On Saturday we went on a mission to find the perfect Christmas jumper. My favourite was probably the one Tom tried on below, which had the word FUN emblazoned in the front!


xmas jumperrr

The jumper i settled on, yay!

drawing with frank

Tom drawing with Mr Frank watching..


  1. looks like a lovely weekend.
    i love the jumper you chose!

  2. i love your jumper! an xmas jumper is always a must!!! :)
    ps, i love the little cute thing in the bottom right hand corner of the last photo.
    ps, there is a little card in the post on its way to you. :D

  3. That is super cute! I'm so amped for Christmas too! Christmas jumpers - how awesome! You & your man are very cute together :) I love how artistic you two are! Btw, just to let you know I framed the illustation you drew of my boyf & I! Love it always, x

  4. Thank you :) aww the little guy in the bottom photo is called frank, tom made him for my birthday this year!

    jennifer - yay! i'm so glad you liked the picture :)

  5. Sorry for the intrusion, but glad that there are other Christmas Jumper lovers out there... for no particular reason, I have started this group - I would love to go to work in the morning on 14th December and see public transport awash with Christmas jumpers... If you want the same then click on my name to go through to the facebook group!

  6. i think it's cute that they're called jumpers over there. i regret not going shopping for a tacky xmas sweater this year.


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