Wednesday, 3 November 2010

50 People, 1 Question

This may have been going for a while but I recently discovered a site called Fifty People One Question, which contains videos of interviews with members of the public in which they answer a specific question. Questions such as "Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?" and "What is your secret?" I loved watching them and some of the answers are really moving, whereas some are pretty funny! Watch for yourself here.


  1. these videos are totally mesmerising. I started watching them and before I knew it I'd been watching all these strangers answer questions for almost 20 minutes. Thanks for sharing this great project!x

  2. This is great!! And they filmed it right outside where i live! (er, noone stalk me please.) That harmonica man is MENTAL, he drives me absolutely insane with his stupid tunes at ridiculous times of the day and night, haha.

    I like the guy who picked the opportunity to go back in time in his own life and change something. Interesting theory, reminds me of so many movies.


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