Saturday, 23 October 2010

You spin me right round, baby..

During our trip to the Peak District we went to Chatsworth house, in Derbyshire. We didn't actually venture into the house though, we went to the adventure playground instead! I made a little animation of me and Tom on the trampoline (note i am certainly no animator! but it was fun!)...



  1. yay what a fun animation! good job :) is it an animated gif? I used to know how to make those...but I can't really remember it anymore. Is there any easy software for it? (instead of adobe flash?) xx

  2. yeah it is! actually its pretty easy to do it in photoshop, i just googled how to do it in CS3 and you do it right in the program!

  3. haha that's a brilliant little animation!x

  4. that animation is AMAZING. lovelove it! :)


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